I'm an artist with a scholarly background in anthropology and a life-long interest in non-sectarian spirituality. Mstudio practice explores the confluence of matter, energy, and consciousness: I sense latent intelligence in my materials, listen as they tell me what to do with them, and execute their instructions to the best of my ability. My technique is grounded in classical Roman and Byzantine mosaic methods, then transposed to castoff materials from the twenty-first century construction industry. I allow the materials’ integrity and intrinsic beauty to drive each composition so the end result is visually pleasing, emotionally soothing, and intellectually inspiring, regardless of whether the greater contemporary art world is in a mood to reward those values.
work directly with private clients, art consultants, architects, and designers to create site-specific fine art and architectural installations for a range of healing, commercial, and residential spaces.
Ether is one of ten artworks on consignment at M3 Gallery in Pineville, NC. A number of them have sold, but here, these artworks inhabit the first two rows of my Studio page. Many of them grapple with the metonymic relationship between 'tile' and 'mosaic'.

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