I'm an artist and an anthropologist. My studio practice explores the confluence of nature, humanity, and technology; or rather matter, energy, and consciousness. My technique is grounded in classical Roman and Byzantine mosaic, and executed in contemporary castoffs from the twenty-first century construction industry. I work directly with private clients, art consultants, architects, and designers to create site-specific fine art and architectural installations for a range of healing, commercial, and residential spaces.
The State of Alaska recently commissioned me to create and install a large format five-panel artwork for the McLaughlin Youth Facility in Anchorage, AK. It was a powerful experience to go there and do the installation myself. It expanded and reinforced my love of creating art for healing and educational environments.
I have two artworks in the Blanc et Noir exhibition at the Tour de St. Nicolas gallery in Paray-le-Monial, France. White Writing and Monument in White Tile both explore medium-based assumptions about the relationship between 'tile' and 'mosaic', surface and structure.
Register here for my upcoming workshop Working Direct from Scratch, at the M3 Gallery in Pineville, NC. I'll be sharing the core of my artistic practice--mosaic grammar, and substrate construction. Limit 8 students so you're assured of receiving my involved attention. In conjunction, I'm creating a body of small-format artworks (image above left) that will be exhibiting in the gallery in September into October.
Looking for the 'deep objects' exhibition? It's not up anymore, but you can see the online catalog of artworks here.

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