I'm an artist and an anthropologist.  My visual art explores the confluence of nature, humanity, and built environments.  My technique is grounded in classical Roman and Byzantine mosaic, and executed in contemporary castoffs from the twenty-first century construction industry.  Most recently, I have been exploring the relationship between tile and mosaic, since the two words may be used interchangeably in design and construction circles.  The visual artworks resulting from these explorations are aesthetically rich in pattern, texture, and depth.  Conceptually, they synthesize polarities such as grid and expanse, rules and randomness, analysis and intuition.

I recently created and installed a large format five-panel artwork for the McLaughlin Youth Facility in Anchorage, AK.  The State of Alaska is a wonderful client, and I'm grateful to have had a chance to work with them.  Photos here

Tessellated Language, which I co-curated with fellow Seattle artists Kate Jessup and Kelley Knickerbocker for the Seattle City Hall galleries last winter, will have a second run in the creative enclave of Tieton, WA.  In addition to work from the three of us, the interdisciplinary exhibition showcases Tina Randolph, Julia Haack, and Joseph Pentheroudakis

WHEN: 26 April -013 July
WHERE: Tieton Lofts, 502 Wisconsin Avenue, Tieton, WA

Then later this summer, I'll have two artworks--White Writing (Next for detail) and Monument in White Tile (Next for detail)--going to the Black/White invitational at the Tour de Saint Nicolas in Paray-le-Monial, France.  I would like to act cool and aloof about this, but I can't--I have artwork going to FRANCE.  Pinch me.

I recently taugh a 2-day workshop called "Working Direct from Scratch" at Seattle Mosaic Arts.  I designed this course to share the theoretical and technical core of my studio practice--mastering thin set mortar, and the "rules" of classical mosaic grammar.  Everything else I do with mosaic emerges from these two spheres of competence.  I limit my classes to 8 (or so) participants so I can provide one-on-one attention and keep the class structure conversational.  I love partnering with Seattle Mosaic Arts; if you're interested in taking this course with me there, contact them and let them know.


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