Date Location Perfection: Why Art Museums Just Work

Art Museum Date

Today, it is important to step away from the usual dinner and a movie because, let’s be honest, that approach is so boring and incredibly predictable. The structure of the date does little to promote any insightful conversation. You can’t talk much during a movie and you have food in your mouth during dinner so you’re basically stacking the odds against you whereas art museums work in your favor. To put it simply, art museums are the way to go. Now let’s discuss why.


Shared Experiences Bring People Closer

When you go to an art museum together, you are going to see and learn new things. Participating in an enriching activity together will bring you and your date closer. The reason for this is simple. By participating in an enjoyable activity with equally enjoyable visuals, enjoyment is maximized because the experience is shared. Then, because of that shared experience, your bond strengthens because, again, you participated in it TOGETHER!  Being able to walk around the museum and look at works of art such as the Calçada Portuguesa can get get you closer to your date.


Art Museums Promote Conversation

There is always something to talk about plus the space is quiet, which makes it easy for two people to talk among themselves. Even better is that awkward silences are far and in between at an art museum since a visit entails moving from one piece to another. The art gets communication started and offers a series of smooth transitions to other topics. There are few things people dread more than awkward silences. It gets weird, awkward glances are exchanged, your mind enters a state where it is frantically searching for something interesting to say and it’s a struggle. This date setting gives communication a more organic flow. Moreover, moments lacking verbal communication really aren’t awkward at an art museum. When you do not have anything to say, focus your attention on a work or works until something comes to mind. You see? No pressure.


You Get a Look Inside Your Dates Mind

Not literally of course but discussing the art will help you get to know your date better. You may have met through some adult dating site, but how much do those profiles really reveal? Although this may be a reach to some, the way a person perceives art gives insight on the way they view life. Getting the answers you want is pretty simple. While you’re looking at a painting, sculpture, whatever, give the following a try:

  1. What do you see? (great for abstract pieces)
  2. What makes you say that? (obviously a solid follow up question)
  3. How does this make you feel?
  4. What do you think the artist was thinking when he/she made this piece?


They Have Cafes

A stop at the museum café will act as a date within the date. This is great because you can catch a quick bite or at least a decent cup of coffee, sit down, talk and maybe even flirt if things are going well. The two of you also aren’t stuck at a table for a long period of time. As you know, this can be kind of mundane or even intimidating when you don’t know your date that well. Additionally, it presents the opportunity to see how your date treats your server which reveals a lot about their personality.


Art Museums Are Safe

This mostly applies to those who met their date online or newer romantic relationships in which a certain level of trust has yet to be established but is certainly worth mentioning. They are public, people are everywhere, and an art museum is one of those places you usually go to during the day. As long as you take your own transportation to and from the date, you are very safe.


Museums Give You a Chance to Show Off

If the idea was yours, you look cultured and knowledgeable and if you did not, you still have a chance to impress your date with any information you have to share. Either way, you’re good. To ensure that you have something significant to add to the conversation, do a little research on the exhibitions.


Art Museums Are Affordable

Some are even free! If you decide to visit one that is not, two tickets won’t set you back more than $45 (although you do want to take parking and snacks into account). Regardless, art museums top the list of affordable date ideas.

All in all, you can’t go wrong by taking a date to an art museum. The environment a museum offers just works. It brings two people closer, promotes conversation, is affordable and so much more. Best of all, it leaves room for romance to blossom.