4 Reasons For An Art Exhibit Date

Art Exhibit date

I will never forget the first time I walked into an art exhibit and met my wife for the first time. It was 3 years ago in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I was had just graduated from college with a degree in art history, so I knew how to speak the language of art. That particular day I was feeling very confident and particularly witty with my words. I approached the most beautiful girl in the room (now my wide) and introduced myself as Jo. We immediately started talking art and walking around the exhibit, where I dropped some knowledge about Vango and The Most Famous Artist. After talking for a long time and exchanging some laughs, she told me she wanted to see me again as she was having a log of fun with me.

Fast forward to now and I married the girl of my dreams due to my knowledge and witty art conversation about art. It didn’t take mora than a few jokes and an interesting conversation about the secrets of modern art. From that moment, I realized that art exhibits are one the best places to find someone to date for marriage or even an NSA relationship, depending on your preference. This #artexhibit story has brought me to write a post of the reasons to do an art exhibit date.

1) It makes you look sophisticated

Wheather you are looking for the love of your life, or the casual NSA hookup relationship, the best thing you can do is sound like a sophisticated, interesting, and knowledgable about art. You don’t have to be an art major, or study the intricacies of realism, but a little art knowledge goes a long way and can really make you sound smart. Read up on some of the most famous artists of our time such as van Gogh and Picasso.

2) Exhibit are a good place to talk and share laughs

There is nothing worse than going on a first date and not being able to hear tour date which can make things really awkward. Nightclubs can be loud, dark and full of drunk sloppy people and can really ruin the mood. Women enjoy nice and peaceful conversations, which makes art exhibits the best place to take a date. The exhibits are typically well-lighted, and a place where you can clearly communicate with your date and drop some good lines on your partner.

3) Art makes people horny

While most people think of art as boring and uninteresting this could not be further from the truth. Art is arousing in nature, the subtleness of nude sculptures and tasteful nude photography can really set the mood. When selecting an art exhibit for your date, make sure to find one that has erotica art. If you live in a big city there are typical exhibits every weekend, look online find one near you.

4) You are in a safe space

Art exhibits are usually during the day in public and open spaces. Being in a place where there are other people can make your date feel safe and secured which will help build a strong trust connection. The best way to build trust in a relationship is by making your partner feel comfortable. This will lead to an enjoyable time and future encounters with your date. Use this tip and have the best date of your life.

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