About Jo

Jo Braun

Jo Braun Self Portrait Pencil on inclusion paper made with Kozo and Manila hemp

Jo Braun is an award-winning artist raised in Virginia. Through his childhood his friends and family always recognized his ability to paint and create realistic art and precise sculptures. By the age 15 he won multiple drawing awards and was named best artist of his class. Jo went on to graduate from Virginia State University with a degree in Modern Art.

At the age of 22, Jo’s charismatic and outgoing personality drove him into a carrier as a cartoon artist for a popular local kids TV channel where he worked as a sketch artist. Jo quickly outgrew his position and decided to move to California where he would meet his true love Kathy.

His next big break came when he realized that people really loved his art and were willing to pay top dollar for his realistic outdoor oil on canvas paintings. Since then, Jo has been working from his quiet studio in Humboldt County and selling his art worldwide.